Children’s Learning Place offers a full-time and a part-time program for children 6 weeks through Pre-Kindergarten.  

-  Infant/Waddler Program
-  Toddler Program
-  Preschool 3 Program
-  Preschool 4 Program
-  Pre-Kindergarten Program
-  Elementary School Age Program

The Infants are offered a stimulating environment which helps them gain strength and confidence while learning socialization, gross and fine motor skills.  Teachers interact with infants by holding them, talking with them, reading books and singing songs.   

(Two Year Old Program):

Two year olds are provided a fun-based and educational curriculum.  They are given a variety of age appropriate activities in which they enhance their motor skills, as they develop socially and emotionally. They will be guided and encouraged to explore things on their own.  A full curriculum is taught which includes, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, days of the week and months, etc.

(Three Year Old Program):

Three year olds are taught how to develop their social/emotional, cognitive, language and physical skills. Your child will enhance their curriculum and will be offered a variety of educational activities, including a Spanish class.

(Four Year Old Program)

Four & 5 year olds improve their skills by developing a sense of imagination and creativity.  They are offered activities involving mathematics, social science, language, art, music and physical education.  A Spanish class has been added to the curriculum, as we believe that it is important for children to learn a second language early in life. Our Spanish program prepares these children for the Spanish Partial Immersion Program offered in Elementary Schools.

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is geared towards Kindergarten Readiness.  

Elementary School-Age Children

We are open year round and offer day/week programs for Winter/Spring/Summer breaks.

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